The Naughty Mat

Staying calm and in control while your child learns their boundaries is key, and it helps to be consistent in the way you discipline them. The Naughty Mat is used on the show as an alternative to the Naughty Step when you're out and about and your child's behaviour becomes unreasonable

Sometimes your children can be at their most challenging when you're out and about and your attention is not focused on them. But it can be very difficult to discipline a child when all eyes are on you! If the Naughty Step technique works well in your home, why not try taking a "naughty mat" about with you, so your child benefits from a consistent approach to parenting?

The Naughty Mat is also ideal for younger children from about eighteen months old, who would not be safe or comfortable on the steps or a chair. You might also like the idea of being able to move the naughty spot around your home, so you can keep an eye on your child wherever you are.

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