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How To Manage Teen Internet Use | Supernanny

Supernanny gives insight on how to ensure safety when teens use the internet. More on how to keep your teens safe online here ...

Learn How To Do Homework Properly | Supernanny

How to get homework done properly? Homework time can be stressful for families. So here is a good lesson in how be direct and helpful in order to get the ...

Kids Still Doing Homework Way Past Bedtime | Supernanny

Because the children are so stubborn, homework gets pushed back until it's way past their bedtime. Check out the Supernanny Homework Station technique ...

Teens Have A Change Of Heart after Learning About Very Sick Boy | World's Strictest Parents

In this moving video from World's Strictest Parents, troubled teenagers learn a tough lesson about what's really important in life. â–· MORE FROM WORLD'S ...

11 Year Old Chatting To Older Boys On The Internet | Supernanny

This eleven-year-old has been chatting to older boys on the internet without her parents knowing. Supernanny is shocked by some of the comments on there.

When Your Child's the School Bully | Supernanny

What if your child has been accused of bullying? This child has developed a reputation for hurting other kids and has been removed from daycare repeatedly.

Parents Learn To Play With Child | Supernanny

How to get your child to listen? Supernanny teaches this family a fun game to play with their daughter. Click here to subscribe and keep up with all the latest ...

Children Addicted to TV & Video Games | Supernanny

Is too much screen time bad for children? Supernanny was expecting to see rampant children running wild, but her immediate worry is that things are all too slow ...