Ugh The more gruesome, the more they like it by Dawn

On our trip to America, the whole family go the Hallowe'en bug!

On our recent visit to America and we all got the Hallowe'en bug - our house was full of lots of orange and black everything from black, wiggly worms to six foot high blow-up pumpkins! And some fancy dress to scare you half to death. We had all the decorations up to properly celebrate because the children love the mystery
of it all.

[advert:mpu] Our house was an open house for all the children in the road. We live in a quiet road and the children are quite safe as the road is blocked at one end so no cars pass through. Although an adult is always present I cooked sauasages and beans, hot dogs and garlic bread. I made a red punch (non-alcoholic, of course) with horrible floating fingers and worse. They loved it!

We even played scary music and games.

Its a shame there always seems to be school the next day and so it had to end earlier than the children would have liked. I remember when I was at school half-term used to fall onHallowe'en week. I know this because my birthday is the 1st of November and I always had my birthday at home. However, it seems to have all changed.

Raenie was a vampire bat, Willow a zombie and Paskal was a ghost. Out came all the dressing up boxes and the face paints, slicked back hair, dracula teeth and black stained mouth... Ugh! The more grusome, the more they like it.

The neighbours are all kind because they know all the children. I would not like them wandering around or out of sight, but I see no harm in a bit of dressing up. They really love it - besides its only once a year. We even had a lovely pumpkin that Willow helped carve to help scare away ghosts and ghouls.

Hallowe'en another success!

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