Freedom by Rhianon

We’ve a babysitter – two actually – and can escape ‘ the bubble’!
I’ve been putting off getting a babysitter as ds1 won’t even be left in a room by himself, especially at night time. Part of our job as halls supervisor means nipping out in the small hours to let students who’ve locked themselves out back into their rooms (yes, I know, only a matter of days before I mislay that extremely expensive master key. Last night I left the mobile on the table in the canteen and the baby must have pottered off with it. I called the phone for 24 hours and eventually some dishy American voice answers and tells me it was ringing in the flowerpot in the common room. Me and my little partners in crime here not to be trusted.). We have a great baby monitor but this place is an ex-Army base and some of the walls here must be made of titanium. So one night, I took the monitor as I had to go and do a lockout and dp was away, probably about midnight, and ds1 wakes up to find the apartment empty. He howls but I don’t hear it immediately, and when I do I have to run back from the other side of the building. By the time I get there, he is beside himself, screaming and so terrifically angry with me for leaving him alone that he swings great punches at me during his tirade. That was weeks ago but you can see it’s sensitive territory so I’ve been putting off making any more bogus moves here...
But last night the lovely Andreea and Alex came around (they’re dance partners, and wonderful with it) and had a ball with both the kids. So much so that ds1 is now actually asking for us to go out. Now that’s the ticket! Really this place is great for the kids... lovely to think they now have 270 big brothers and sisters!

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