daylight saving by Rhianon

[advert:mpu]Agh! Why do I forget about it every year?! Last night we were up till 10pm, bouncing the babies, reading calming stories (which automatically make me yawn - so sad), trying not to get irate with two very, very awake children... doesn’t even figure does it? In the end they were only calmed by my dad’s killer Welsh lullaby (it's about a seagull. Never yet known a child who doesn’t succumb...). And yes, absolutely it was because I was stressed that it made them hyper. But don't you understand I was DESPERATE FOR BED!!!

Just checked through the site now as I thought I remembered Millpond had some advice on this sort of thing and here it is. Basically it stresses slow progress - move bedtime backwards by 10-15 minutes each night, until things get back to normal, but waking them up the right time each morning. Went well tonight.

Any more ideas out there?

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