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On marriage…

I’d like to marry mummy. And then I’d like to marry grandma, and then Anya from nursery…
John, age 4
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Check out our parenting advice, on sleep, tantrums, time out, house rules, good eating, potty training, free reward charts and tons more. Find practical help in our directory, win competitions, meet our bloggers, or watch clips of the show.

You're breaking up...

Help your kids cope if you and your partner decide to separate, work together to give your children consistent parenting and read our essential tips for becoming a step-parent.

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Reward Charts and Advice

Supernanny Superstars™ Reward Charts

New and exclusive Supernanny Superstars™ Reward Charts to reinforce good behaviour on the spot. Click here to download.

Reward Charts

Supernanny Techniques

Suffering with slow starters? Try our new Get Up and Go Chart, as seen on the TV Show, and watch a TV clip of it in action.

Supernanny makes discipline easy with the Naughty Step, and the Penalty Spot.

Wind down with the right Bedtime Routine and guarantee some rest with the Sleep Separation Technique.

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Rhianon's son gets bullied in the bushes; Claire gets buggy-rage

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Supernanny's Directory is a fantastic - and very comprehensive - resource of everything to do with childcare. So, whether you're looking for a nanny or a nursery, cot bedding or a caterer, visit our listings and you'll soon find exactly what you need. 
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Are tantrums and bad behaviour ruining your family life? It sounds like a case for Supernanny! Apply to be on the show here.