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5 to 7 year olds

5-7 year old boy

This age respond to a larger number of steps – up to 20 – but you’ll need to make sure you still recognize the halfway mark with a small treat like an activity at home or a favourite movie.

Use the chart to encourage anything from good listening, to working with siblings or just remembering to say please, but remember to give your child clear boundaries and goals for her behaviour – House Rules can really help here, and the Naughty Step can be a good deterrent, if you need one.

Let your child help chose the final reward, and make sure she receives it promptly, so she remembers just what she was working for.


Underwater Thumbnail

Underwater Supernanny Superstars Reward Chart

Glug, Glug! Diving into the deep, deep sea, your child will love the colourful fish, but must avoid the shark, as she makes her way to the bottom of the ocean. Download and cut out the character, sticking her head on it, so she can see her journey into the depths.

Haunted Castle Thumbnail

Haunted Castle Supernanny Superstars Reward Chart

Watch out for the witch! Your child will love this creepy castle: jumping over the stepping-stones, avoiding the black cat and finally climbing his way up to reach the tower itself! Download and cut out the character, sticking your child's head on it so he can watch his journey through the misty landscape.