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Death, Divorce & Despair In This Family | Supernanny

Supernanny helps a single mother with 6 kids who has recently gone through a divorce, moved homes and lost their loved one to cancer. Click here to subscribe and keep up with all the latest...

How to Deal with Tantrums | Supernanny

How to Deal with Tantrums - When this little boy has another tantrum, Supernanny is firm when advising Mom how to deal with him. More tips on dealing with tantrums here

Trouble In The Car With 11 Year Old | Supernanny

This 11 year old is being disrespectful to her mother while driving in the car. It's dangerous and needs to stop. Click here for more tips on how to make your children behave better on car...

Teen hates Disabled Brother & Sister | World's Strictest Parents

Take a look at a clip from our sister channel. Teen finds it difficult to adapt to a life where she shares her mom's attention. â–· MORE FROM WORLD'S STRICTEST PARENTS :

Kids Can't Stop Fighting | Supernanny

These parents can't stop their children from yelling and fighting. Their nanny doesn't like to discipline the children, and they desperately need Supernanny to step in and take control. More...

Mother Struggles With Discipline | Supernanny

This mom struggles to discipline her son but she perseveres. More tips on why children need discipline on the Supernanny site here

Teenager Sick Of Being A Mother To Younger Brothers | Supernanny

Both sisters get emotional when speaking about how they feel about their situation. Click here to subscribe and keep up with all the latest videos:

NBA Player Struggling To Control His Daughters | Supernanny

This dad is a professional basketball player, which uses up most of his time, leaving his wife to struggle with their four kids. Click here to subscribe and keep up with all the latest videos:...

Dad loses control and smacks son | Supernanny

Supernanny meets a family where dad has lost control. Check out these expert tips on anger management for parents

3 year old autistic boy speaks for the first time | Supernanny

This three year old has autism. His parents have never heard him speak, until something changes things forever..... Click here to subscribe and keep up with all the latest videos: http://youtube.c...

Mother Finally Takes Charge Of Bed Time | Supernanny

Trying to implement the new bed time routine has been tricky, so Supernanny provides some extra tips on how to be successful. More expert tips here on how to get bedtime back on track https://www.s...

Father Grabs & Shouts At 6 yr Old Son | Supernanny

How to deal with out of control boys? Supernanny helps this family how to have a more positive approach to difficult behaviour. More expert tips on how to tackle bad behaviour here https://www.supe...

Kid Locks Mom & Supernanny Out Of House | Supernanny

The older child sneaks out of the house and when Mom goes to find him, the youngest child locks her and Supernanny out of the house too! Click here to subscribe and keep up with all the latest...

Dad Physically Drags Teenage Boy Out Of Bed | World's Strictest Parents

MORE FROM WORLD'S STRICTEST PARENTS : Click here to subscribe and keep up with all the latest videos:

Daughter Storms Out Of Emotional Talk With Deaf Parents | Supernanny

Emotions run high as this teenager storms out when trying to communicate with her deaf parents. Click here to subscribe and keep up with all the latest videos:

4 Year Old Twins Scream The House Down | Supernanny

While Dad is gone to work all day, Mom is at home working all day too which leaves their 4 year old twin girls running wild and their 9 year old son getting the blame for stuff he hasn't done....

Parents Frustrations Taken Out On Well Behaved Child | Supernanny

How to be fair as a parent? It's a challenge. With a disruptive child taking most of the attention, these parents take their frustrations out on their other children who are well behaved and...

Teens Have A Change Of Heart after Learning About Very Sick Boy | World's Strictest Parents

In this moving video from World's Strictest Parents, troubled teenagers learn a tough lesson about what's really important in life. â–· MORE FROM WORLD'S STRICTEST PARENTS :

How To Make Bath Time Fun | Supernanny

Here's a great Supernanny technique to make bathtime fun and safe. More tips here on how improve bathtime with kids

Mom Tries To Discipline Violent 4 yr Old That Rules The Roost | Supernanny

How to discipline an angry child? It's tough. More expert tips here: Click...