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'I Feel Like He Hates Me' Angry 5yr Old Fights With Mom | Supernanny

What do you do when it seems like your child hates you? This mom is having a tough time with her son. â–· SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE : Official Site:

"You're Failing Your Children!" Supernanny Tells Parents In Denial | Supernanny

Supernanny gets real and tells these parents exactly where they're going wrong. It's an uncomfortable confrontation, but it needs to be said.. â–· SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE :

Supernanny Makes Boy Say Sorry For 15 Minutes! | Supernanny

What's the best way to use the Time Out or Naughty Step technique? Supernanny shows the importance of being firm and consistent. Read more here about the Naughty Step - what is it and how does...

Mom Swears In Front of Kids While Supernanny Watches! | Supernanny

Supernanny's shocked at what the in-house surveillance cameras reveal. Click here to subscribe and keep up with all the latest videos: Official...

Brothers Finally Bond Through Heartwarming Playtime | Supernanny

Helping two fighting brothers to call a truce. These boys are surprised to find that they can bond through play. More tips on improving sibling relationships here

Mom Refuses To Play With Kids Because They Have $2K of Toys Already | Supernanny

How to play with your kids? Not everybody knows how. This mom is starting to realise that a houseful of toys is no substitute for quality family time. Click here to subscribe and keep up with...

3yr Old Runs Out Of The House While Mum's On The Phone | Supernanny

Mum's furious when her son wanders off - but she was on the phone! What would you have done here? Click here to subscribe and keep up with all the latest videos:

"I Hate Cleaning Up!" 6yr Old Doesn't Like Supernanny's Technique | Supernanny

Supernanny's schedule for household chores is NOT popular with everybody. More tips on how to get kids doing their chores here

4Yr Old Thinks Punching Mom Is A Game | Supernanny

It's important to be calm and consistent with your child - otherwise this might happen! More tips on how to stay calm with your child here

Parents Too Busy Watching TV To Listen To Sons | Supernanny

How to get your child to talk to you more? Supernanny finds a way for these boys to open up - but how will the parents respond? Click here to subscribe and keep up with all the latest videos:...

Supernanny Lays Down The Rules For A House In Anarchy | Supernanny

What do you do when your kids have gone wild? Supernanny steps in with a new set of rules for a house that's descended into anarchy. More tips on taming a wild child here

Wild Kids Leave House A Total Wreck! | Supernanny

This mom has totally lost control, as the kids have run riot and wrecked her house. More tips on how to tame a wild child here

Mum Uses Naughty Step For EVERYTHING | Supernanny

The naughty step can be a useful tool - find out more here about what it is and to use it effectively

Mom Takes Credit For Daughters Chores | Supernanny

How to stop being a childish parent and be a grown-up instead. More expert tips here in our article Kids and chores: How to create some housework harmony

Dad Wants To 'Kick Out' 6Yr Old Son | Supernanny

Bonding for dads and sons is so important, but this dad is struggling. Supernanny helps a family at crisis point. Click here to subscribe and keep up with all the latest videos:

Dad Thinks He Can Backchat Supernanny | Supernanny

Mum and Dad don't agree - Dad thinks that tantrums are funny! Dad gives Supernanny some backchat - he needs to read this article

Angry Girl Calls Mom "Poopy Butt" | Supernanny

This little girl is VERY angry - Supernanny finds out why. You'll find more expert tips on how to deal with a very angry child here

5 Violent Children Are Driving Mom Mad | Supernanny

Mom is tired and stressed - 5 angry children fighting for her attention doesn't help, but Supernanny does! More tips on anger management for parents here

Teen Won't Hold Mom's Hand | Supernanny

How to talk to your teenager? This mom and teen are trying to repair their relationship, but it's a real struggle. Where should they go from here? Click here to subscribe and keep up with...

Mom & Daughter Have No Relationship | Supernanny

How can parents and teenagers bond? Supernanny has a surprising approach. To help this mom and teen daughter get everything off their chest, she brings waterballoons into the mix Click here...