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Military Dad Thinks Mom Isn't Strict Enough | Supernanny

This military family have many challenges, and things are now chaotic at home. But Supernanny's here to help! Click here to subscribe and keep up with all the latest videos:

Supernanny Confronts Stubborn Daughter | Supernanny

When this little girl refuses to leave the park, Supernanny challenges her behavior, and soon finds out what's really important to this family. â–· SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE :

Supernanny | Boy Throws Tantrum To Avoid Pre-School

Supernanny arrives to help a family where their three year old boy throws tantrums to avoid going to preschool. More help here on how to deal with tantrums

Pacifiers Have Given Kids Speech Impediments | Supernanny

What happens if you use a dummy or pacifier for too long? Supernanny is concerned. â–· SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE : More expert advice here on pacifiers and dummies https://www...

Parents Learn To Play With Child | Supernanny

How to get your child to listen? Supernanny teaches this family a fun game to play with their daughter. Click here to subscribe and keep up with all the latest videos:

NBA All Star Helps Boy Fix His Attitude | Supernanny

Will meeting his sporting hero, basketball star Dwyane Wade, help this tween change his attitude? â–· SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE : Official Site:

Boy Makes Fun Of Mom's Appearance | Supernanny

Parents learn that a consistent approach is needed when their son starts to backchat. â–· SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE : Official Site: Twitter: https://t...

9 yr old Can't Talk To His Mom | Supernanny

Helping families communicate - This little boy feels like he can't talk to this mum. Will Supernanny's Thought Box Technique help him find a way to communicate with his mum? More on this technique...

Toddler Refuses To Get Dressed | Supernanny

This 3 year old refuses to get dressed, so mom spends hours chasing him around! Click here to subscribe and keep up with all the latest videos:

Supernanny Can't Speak - SUPERNANNY BLOOPERS! | Supernanny

Supernanny doesn't always get it right first time! As a treat to say thank you for taking us over 1 million subscribers, check out these hilarious bloopers. â–· SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE :

Dad Uses Physical Punishments | Supernanny

Should you spank or smack your kids? Supernanny thinks not, but this dad disagrees. â–· SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE : More ideas for alternative ways to discipline here...

Becoming A Better Mom And Dad | Supernanny

This family reflect on the improvements in their family life as they aim to become a better mom and dad. Click here to subscribe and keep up with all the latest videos:

"I Don't Like Jo-Jo" SUPERNANNY BLOOPERS! | Supernanny

As a special treat to thank you for taking us to 1 million subscribers, here are some rarely-seen bloopers from the original Supernanny filming! â–· SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE :

How To Implement House Rules | Supernanny

Jo makes this family set some house rules. Implementing them is hard than they imagined. Click here to subscribe and keep up with all the latest videos:

Supernanny Plays Prank On Dad | Supernanny

Supernanny plays a trick on dad to challenge him and see if he really can keep his cool after all. â–· SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE : Official Site:

How to Identify the Problems Within a Family Dynamic | Supernanny

Supernanny sits down with this family and gives them her honest opinion of where the root of their problem lies. She doesn't hide her horror with the children's behavior. Click here to subscribe...

Mom Wants Supernanny To Stay! | Supernanny

How to bond with your kids. Supernanny's got a bonding activity for this family - but it's so successful, Mom doesn't want her to leave. Click here to subscribe and keep up with all the latest...

Kids Honest Advice On Parenting - How To Help Kids Eat Their Dinner | Supernanny

These kids watch Charlie at dinner and give their advice on how parents should deal with the behaviour. Watch the full clip of Charlie at dinner: ...

Supernanny | Will Mom Finally Bond With Boys Through Play?

This mom has struggled to bond with her sons. Will she finally bond with her boys through play and learning to ride a bike? â–· SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE : Welcome to...

Creating a Calmer Family Home | Supernanny

Since Supernanny left, these parents have noticed massive changes in the children. The household is a much more peaceful place and the kids are happier as well. Supernanny has done it again...