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How to Favor One Child Over Another without Realising | Supernanny

How to avoid sibling rivalry? Supernanny continues her observation of this family and notices that Dad favours one of his children over the other. She sits down to have a talk with the father,...

Encouraging Your Child To Eat Dinner | Supernanny

Supernanny stresses the importance of using encouragement as well as discipline whilst raising a child. More tips for parents here

How to Deal with Tantrums | Supernanny

How to Deal with Tantrums - When this little boy has another tantrum, Supernanny is firm when advising Mom how to deal with him. More tips on dealing with tantrums here

Implementing a Routine | Supernanny

Supernanny implements a routine which she feels will give structure to this family's day. Click here to subscribe and keep up with all the latest videos:

How NOT to Put your Child to Bed | Supernanny

Bedtime problems, with two boys who refuse to go to bed. More expert tips on how to handle bedtime here

How NOT to Use the Naughty Room | Supernanny

A bigger version of the naughty step? Mom uses her son's bedroom as the naughty room. Supernanny can't help but think that she's got time out completely wrong. Click here to subscribe and...

Aggressive Child Throws Garden Furniture | Supernanny

This child shows some very aggressive behaviour and Supernanny is not impressed. More tips here on how to calm a wild child

When Your Child's the School Bully | Supernanny

What if your child has been accused of bullying? This child has developed a reputation for hurting other kids and has been removed from daycare repeatedly. Can Supernanny help them to tame...

Boy Shows Huge Difference In Attitude | Supernanny

Check out how much Supernanny's techniques have made a difference. The effects on this family are hugely positive and the parents stress how much of a help Supernanny has been in turning their...

How to Encourage your Child to do Homework | Supernanny

Father and son open up, leading to more homework getting done. Click here to subscribe and keep up with all the latest videos: Official website:...

How to get your Children to Eat | Supernanny

Supernanny lays out the ground rules for snacking in the. Mom struggles to get her middle child to eat. Supernanny recognizes that this is an issue of control and instructs her on the proper...

How to Implement Household Rules | Supernanny

Supernanny's implementing now rules for this family. How will they go down? More tips on how to deal with a very angry child here

How NOT to multi task with your Children | Supernanny

Supernanny is shocked at the lack of respect these children show their mother. The whole house is chaotic and unstructured. Click here to subscribe and keep up with all the latest videos:...

Little Boy Goes Missing | Supernanny

Supernanny arrives at a family home to observe their daily routine. She's shocked when she discovers that one of their children frequently goes missing and wanders outside the house alone....

How to Navigate your Children around a Supermarket | Supernanny

Supernanny introduces the involvement technique to help this mom manage her children whilst shopping at the supermarket. Click here to subscribe and keep up with all the latest videos: http://you...

Identifying the Need for a Routine | Supernanny

How do you set up a good family routine? Supernanny is shocked by the behaviour of these children at dinnertime and identifies the need for a new routine. Click here for more tips on how to...

How NOT to let your Children Behave in the Supermarket | Supernanny

Shopping with kids - When this mom takes her children to the supermarket, Supernanny soon discovers the root of her problems - they're out of control! More tips here on how to discipline groups...

How to Speak to Your Kids | Supernanny

How to speak so your kids will listen? Supernanny teaches Mom how to speak in an authoritative voice. Click here to subscribe and keep up with all the latest videos:

Falling Back Into Bad Habits | Supernanny

Supernanny returns to see if this family can continue to implement the techniques she has introduced to them. Trouble ensues however as the children and their parents fall back into old habits....

How to Implement a Routine and Use the Naughty Step | Supernanny

Supernanny plans a routine for this family to implement and introduces the Naughty Stool. Click here to subscribe and keep up with all the latest videos: