Road Safety for Children

Road crashes are the biggest killer of 12-24 year-olds in the UK. The Supernanny Team and BRAKE bring you life-saving tips to teach your child about road safety. 

Safe roads, safe children

Road crashes are the biggest killer of 12-24 year-olds in the UK. In fact, there are 9 deaths and 89 serious injuries on UK roads every day, and BRAKE exists to care for families bereaved and seriously injured in road crashes. With Road Safety Week from 6-12 November, the Supernanny Team brings you life-saving tips to help keep your child safe. 

Steve and Gloria’s story

In May 2004, Gloria Marshall’s two children Aaron, 20, and Katherine, 18, were killed while travelling in a car with a 19 year-old driver and two other friends. They were heading to Brighton when their car skidded, flipped over the crash barrier and hit another car coming the other way. The police investigation suggested the driver of Aaron and Katherine’s car was doing 100mph.

Gloria says: “Some young drivers come under intense peer pressure to take risks behind the wheel. But as I know all too well, the combination of inexperience and risk-taking can be devastating.”

In May 2004, Steve Mohabir, his two year-old son Marcus and two friends had been for a day out in Brighton. On their way home a car travelling the other way mounted the crash barrier and landed on their car. The car that hit them contained Gloria Marshall’s children.

Steve says: “My whole life was torn apart in May 2004. I was coming back from a day at the beach with my two-year old son and two friends. A young, speeding driver crashed into the car we were travelling in. I was the only survivor. "

I’m pleading with all young drivers – don’t be over-confident in your abilities behind the wheel and don’t be tempted to speed for fun or thrills. Do everything you can to drive safely – to make sure you don’t cause a tragedy like the one that struck us that day.

Crossing the road

Children can start to learn about road safety as soon as you begin to get out and about. Here are the Supernanny Team’s tips to keep your children safe while crossing the road.

Safe driving

You’ve heard it a thousand times before, but slower speeds save lives. If you hit a pedestrian at 35mph, they are twice as likely to be killed than if you hit them at 30mph.

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