New Year's resolutions for kids

Get your child thinking about how you can both make this your best year yet!

New Year’s resolutions for kids

Wouldn’t it be great to know that your child was going to do their very best to be the best in 2017: that they fully intended to let you brush their teeth without complaining, eat their greens, help around the house, complete their homework?

We’re not making any promises, but these suggested New Year resolutions should help you both focus on the behaviour you’d love to see more of:

Your preschooler…

Your school-aged child…

Your teen…


Stop the backchat! Many parents complain about disrespectful behaviour from their children. Backchat, sarcasm, bad manners, swearing and cheekiness can be frustrating and difficult to handle.

Win over the whiner - how to stop your child whinging: Every parent suffers through it: the loud, obnoxious, pull-your-hair-out whining of a child who wants his or her way, now.

Want to encourage your kids to behave well, try one of our reward charts.