Raising a Good Eater

Getting used to new foods and sitting down at the table can be troubling for a child, while nutrition is a constant worry for parents and carers. As seen on the show the Good Eater Technique can be a useful method to calm and encourage a fussy eater, and help get mealtimes back on track…

Raising a Good Eater

Food phobics or very fussy eaters will often only eat two or three things, so it’s vital to work on expanding their range of foods, even if you’re up against a habit that has built up over years. This technique gives the child responsibility for what’s on their plate, while leaving the parent to control the choice of options. It’s also a great way of getting us to cook food ourselves rather than buy ready-made meals!

Steps towards good eating

If your child continues to refuse to eat new foods, you could cut down on snacks (try the Snack Jar Technique), don’t offer any alternatives, and let them know that there will be nothing else to eat until the next meal.

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