The Little Chef

Supernanny's methods are a combination of practical experience and expert advice, giving you the support and confidence to be at your best when your kids need you most. The Little Chef Technique, as used on the show, engages children in mealtimes and encourages them to try different sorts of food…

Engaging fussy eaters and food phobics in the preparation of their meals could be the first step on the road to a healthy eating habit. As a version of the Shared Chore Technique, preparing a meal together can encourage the kind of teamwork needed between siblings who are often rivals.

Involve your children in cooking a meal

What else might help?

For older children, a Placemat Reward Chart might help next time. You’ll find further hints and tips in coping with a fussy eater. It may take a while to reverse bad eating habits, but it’s important to be consistent in your approach.

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