Liven up that Lunchbox

Cheese sandwiches for lunch…again? Let’s fresh ideas give you nutritious, healthy packed lunch options for choosy customers!

Tips to Spice up the Lunchbox

A Lively Lunch Menu…

We asked some mums for their most successful lunchbox recipes and made this week-long menu with their suggestions. Try them out, and they may become your own lunchbox hits! Remember that each lunchbox should have some fresh fruit, a crunchy vegetable, a dairy product (e.g. milk, cheese, yoghurt), a protein food (e.g. meat, egg, beans) and a starchy food (e.g. bread, pasta, crackers, potatoes).


Bagel with low fat cream cheese and tinned salmon; carrot sticks; apple chunks


Pitta with salad and cheese; melon and nectarine cubes; cherry tomatoes


Pasta salad with tuna, sweetcorn and pepper; strawberries and grapes; chunks of red pepper


Wholemeal cracker breads with slices of cheese, ham and a hummus dip; cucumber sticks; raspberries


Tortilla wrap filled with spicy bean mix, cheese and salad; low fat yoghurt; carrot and cucumber sticks.

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