How to cope as a single parent - tips to help you along the way

Single parenthood can be a tightrope walk - a balance between the workplace, domestic life and the needs of children prone to act out when there’s no Dad or Mum at home. But there are some simple tips to help the family live happily in a hectic world.

Single Parents - take back control

Single parents overwhelmed with their kids’ behaviour need to get organised and assert their role as the head of the household. But this message is often lost when children’s behaviour spins out of control. The Supernanny team suggests the following to help parents take back control:


Share time together 

Tips to connect with your child

According to Columbia University’s National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, children of families that eat together are less likely to exhibit behavioural problems, including experimentation with drugs and alcohol. The same children are also less likely exhibit symptoms of depression, and more likely to excel academically.

Time spent together is where behaviours are shaped and reinforced.

Stay in control

Establish ground rules

Raising kids by yourself means you don’t have anyone there to back you up if they won’t play nicely. Keep them co-operating by making expectations clear when it comes to behaviour. The first thing Supernanny often does on the show is establish a clear set of House Rules, so that the family can agree consequences for not sticking to these rules. Jennifer Wolf, a Parent Coaching Institute certified parent coach, suggests the following for single parents:

More tips to connect with your child 

More Tips for single-parent sanity 

Finally, remember that you are not alone. You’ll find single parent support groups in most towns and cities, and the Supernanny Forum is open 24/7 to hear your thoughts, tips and problems!

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