How To Set House Rules

It may sound like the stuff of dreams, but you really can transform a chaotic family home into a haven of peace and fulfilment. House Rules are an effective way of setting out what behaviour is acceptable in your household - and what behaviour is not

How many adults can put their hands on their heart and say they love living by the rules? As restrictive as it might sound, putting some House Rules in place for your children could make your home environment more relaxing – at last the kids know exactly what is expected of them, with no more ‘That’s not fair!’ or ‘But Dad lets us do it!’

House Rules can be pretty general, such as ‘No shouting’ or ‘No swearing’, but what’s important is that everyone in the house agrees to stick to them. Individual discipline problems, such as bad behaviour at mealtimes, might be better dealt with in a Reward Chart, which tailors a programme of rules more to the child or children.

Giving House Rules a try in your home

By using this technique you are sending a message loud and clear to all the family: these are the boundaries, don’t cross them!