Getting kids to do chores - what chores for what age?

Would you love to have a helping hand with the housework? Check out our quick guide and get your family working together as a team to get the chores done!

What’s the chore score?

Consider your child’s age and abilities when it comes to assigning chores. Expect to have to remind them constantly and for them to make mistakes at first – as they get older they'll need less supervision and fewer reminders. Don’t be tempted to step in and take over even if it is taking ages!


Toddlers and pre-schoolers…

Check out our quick guide below to decide who can do what, and when.Children this age love ‘helping’ but it can take a while so try to take a step back and not hurry them too much. They’re learning about responsibility and will feel so proud of themselves once they get it right! They can help with:


Kids aged six to twelve can help by doing the same tasks as listed above, along with:


Teenagers can help by doing any of the tasks listed above, as well as:


Shared Chore Technique: As seen on the show, the Shared Chore Technique aims to discourage sibling rivalry by showing the kids they can get along together (sometimes!)

Involvement Technique: Getting your children involved with chores and shopping trips can make all the difference to how much they (and you!) enjoy them

How to Get Your Child to Listen: Before you can expect your child to listen, you need to ensure you really listen to your child