Life after Supernanny - Brian McAfee spills the beans

Brian McAfee called on Jo after his marriage failed and, with four children, he felt lonely and isolated living in Alaska. This was the first time Jo had ever helped a single dad and she certainly made a difference.

Brian McAfee, the first single dad on Supernanny says that the experience will "always hold a special place" in his heart. Here he tells us why he called on Jo, and just how she helped him.

Why did you call on Jo for help?

I called Jo for help because I was feeling overwhelmed with raising four kids by myself.

What difference did Jo make to your family?

I have much more confidence and feel that we have grown even closer as a family. She taught me to reach out and that's been a priceless lesson to all of us.

What was the best technique or change that she introduced?

I loved the tea party that we had! My daughters opened up so much when they saw me, Mr. Big & Tough let go, put on a pink shawl and go to town!

Do you still follow her advice today?

Of course. I reach out to others and have more friends and family now that help. Plus I feel that my children respect me more and therefore we love each other more.

What position do you think you would now be in if you hadn’t had her help?

I'm not sure. I think I'd still be sitting on a couch waiting for the day to pass me by, stressing about how to help my kids.

How did it change your relationship with your daughters in particular?

I would do anything for all of my kids. I would lay down my life for every single one of them. My daughters, in particular, have seen that dad can be soft and gentle, too and can be an excellent shoulder to lean on.

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