What's your happiest ever Mother's Day memory?

With Mother's Day coming up this Sunday in the UK, we asked mums what their happiest ever memories are. 

What's your happiest ever Mother's Day memory? Was it your first one, or did it come later? Perhaps you have fond memories of sharing Mother's Day with your own mum.

Here at Supernanny, we asked some of the UK's top parent bloggers to share their favourite Mother's Day moments. The lesson seems to be that it's the time you share and the thought you put in that are the most precious gifts of all.

Irina from Wave to Mummy's happiest time was "when we spent Mother's Day just relaxing, going out for a walk in the woods and cooking a leisurely breakfast home and planting flowers in the garden. It was nice to spend the day not doing anything special and just enjoying home life."

Jayne from Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs was happiest "when my husband bought me my first Mother's Day card off my 'baby bump' with a picture of the scan on the front. It meant the world to me and still does."

Nicola from For The Love of Jars was most impressed "When my children first made a proper effort all on their own! I got a menu they had made brought to me in bed with a choice of things I could choose for breakfast. They then went off and brought me back a lovely tray of goodies (with a bit of help from Daddy) Better than any expensive gift!"

Hannah from Hannah Spannah says that "Being a Mummy is all I've ever wanted to be. I used to be a Nanny and spent years helping children make gifts for their Mums and so the first year my son brought a card home from pre school that he made himself (aged 3) was a very special moment."

Samantha from North East Family Fun appreciates the gift of time "After years of working unsociable hours in the NHS, my happiest Mother's Day memory was the first year I was self employed and actually able to spend the day with my family. Time together is more important than any sort of gift."

Jenny from Midwife and Life has a precious memory of "When I got my first ever handwritten Mother's Day card from my son in his own writing. It meant so much to me after losing my first child."

Sara-Jayne from Keeping Up With The Jones Family was also moved by the Mother's Day when her eldest was old enough to write the card himself. She says: "There is no experience comparable to looking at little faces which adore you just for being who you are. No make up, hair a mess, clothes covered in whatever you’ve been playing together that day…they just love you. The “you” that people are supposed to love. They see that. And feeling that? It’s something we all need."

And finally, Frances from Whinge Whinge Wine has a message for us all: "Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers. I hope you are being appreciated today and no one steals your chocolate. The pay is crap, the clients are tyrannical, the hours are shocking, breakdowns are inevitable but sometimes it's the best job in the world."

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