How to make bathtime easier

Bathtime doesn’t have to be difficult. The Supernanny website gives some simple advice to make bathtime bearable.

Making bathtime easier

Bathtime is a good opportunity to spend quality time with your child, but for many families, the simple routine is a daily struggle.

Identify the reason why your child doesn’t want to have a bath. Is it too hot or too cold? Is she scared of the water? Does the shampoo sting her eyes?

Follow the advice below and help improve the bathtime experience for both of you...  

Tips to make bathtime easier: 

  • Give clear, repeated warnings in the lead-up to any change of activity, especially if your child is in the middle of doing something else, like playing. The bath itself may not be the problem – they just don’t like stopping one thing and starting another without warning. Prepare them in the same way when they have to get out of the bath. 
  • Make bathtime a part of your family’s Bedtime Routine. Once established, your child will be reassured by the structure of a daily routine. 
  • Many children hate having their hair washed, either because the shampoo stings their eyes or they dislike water on their face. Let your child watch you wash your hair and explain what the shampoo is for. She may also prefer to cover her face with a flannel, or use a hair shield to stop the water running down her face. Try using a cup instead of the shower nozzle and tell her when you’re going to pour the water. 
  • Let your child pour the water or shampoo herself – give her as much control over bathtime as she can handle.
  • Make bathtime a family affair – hop in the bath yourself or bathe siblings together – toys and bubbles are more fun with a friend! 
  • Cover the floor with a non-slip bath mat to prevent accidents. 
  • If your child has a genuine fear of water, then let them adjust gradually. Allow her to stand up while you sponge her, and then move to a few inches of water in a baby bath. Have a bath or go swimming with your child to show there is nothing to fear. 
  • Make bathtime fun with toys and games. has a range of water-proof books available, and bubble baths are exciting for children of all ages. 
  • If your child finds bathtime a struggle, talk through the process; “now we’re going to wash your hair”, and remember to praise them often; “you’re so brave”.

Remember that bathtime does get easier with time! Before you know it your child will be washing themselves and you might even miss the bathtime bonding!

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