The Thought Box - a Supernanny parenting technique

As seen on Supernanny, a Thought Box could help you re-build communication with your child

Communicaton is one of the hot topics for most families - how do I get my kids to listen to me? Why won't my children tell me more about what's going on in their lives?

It's easy for tension to build in a household where children and parents have stopped talking to one another. The Thought Box can help encourage communication, particularly when one child feels unfairly blamed in battles of sibling rivalry.

To create a Thought Box, decorate an empty box and give your child their own pad and pen to make a note of things that went well or that made her upset or cross during the day. She then posts these into the box.

One evening when her siblings are out of the way, the two of you sit down and go through the box together, giving her a less threatening way of telling you her thoughts.

To ensure you make time to review the Thought Box, why not schedule it into your Family Routine?

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