Easy ways to boost your energy levels today

Being a parent might be one of the most rewarding jobs in the world, but it doesn’t feel like it some of the time. If you’re feeling run down, here are some ways to boost your energy levels and make yourself better able to cope with everything that life – and your child – throws at you.

Easy ways to boost your energy levels when you're a parent

  • Get hydrated
    Even a little dehydration can affect your energy levels and lead to headaches. Carry a bottle of water with you at all times. There are lots of free hydration apps which will remind you to keep drinking water when you’re too busy to remember. Aim for at least two litres of water per day. 
  • Load up on Vitamin C
    Vitamin C helps to protect your cells and keeps you healthy in many ways. However, it can't be be stored by the body, so we need to keep topping up our daily supply. Ideally this would be through fruit and veg, but you could also take a Vitamin C supplement.
  • Eat regular meals
    Yes we know this is easier said than done when you're a busy parent, but it’s vitally important and will benefit both you and your child. If you don't eat regular, healthy meals, fluctuating blood sugar levels will send your energy all over the place and leave you feeling drained. Don’t skip breakfast and stock up on a supply of healthy snacks.
  • Move
    Sometimes you have to expend energy to generate more. Dance, walk, stretch or run. Finding an activity that you enjoy will make it easier for you to keep doing it. Aim for at least half an hour of movement a day, preferably outside. A fitness tracker can be a great way to see how much you're moving and get you moving more. 
  • Do something every week that you love
    This could be with your child or by yourself. The only rule is – you have to love it. Doing more of something you love will nourish your heart and soul and re-energise you from the inside out. Time spent doing something you love is never wasted.

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