Video Diary

Communication is the key to understanding older children's behaviour. As seen on Supernanny, a Video Diary could help get you and your child to talk again...

Re-starting communication...

You live in the same house, but he communicates with grunts. The Video Diary is useful when teenagers have got out of the habit of talking to their families. It helps to open the lines of communication, and appeals to a teen’s love of technology.

Set up a video camera in an accessible place – preferably away from the rest of the family, and teach him how to use it. Your teen can then record a diary entry whenever he feels like it.

Once he has recorded a couple of entries, watch them with him and talk about how he felt. He may find that sharing his thoughts with a camera is less threatening than speaking to you directly.

To ensure you make time to review the Video Diary, why not schedule it into your Family Routine?

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