Supporting a Studying Child

Feeling helpless as your child faces their final year at school? Here are some basic ways to support your child during this challenging time.

Final year study

The final years of school are a challenge for the whole family and you’ll probably find that some disruption is inevitable…

Expect the worst - your child will be a nightmare to live with; they will put off study until the last minute. And despite appearances, they will also need your support and love more than ever.

In the end, it is your child’s responsibility to study and pass their exams, but a little patience and some practical changes around the home can make life easier for everyone.

How to support your child's study: 

  • Turn off the TV. No one can study effectively in front of the television – no matter what your child may say! 
  • Discuss your child’s schedule and help them to prioritise. How much time do they need for study, and how will this fit in with their other commitments? If he’s willing, help your child create a home study schedule so you can stay up to speed. 
  • Create a good study area with plenty of light, desk space and stationary. 
  • Suggest your child attempt harder assignments first and discuss the steps involved to complete the task. 
  • Encourage your child to join study groups – research suggests that some children work more effectively in groups – or encourage him to start one at home (offer to get them pizza for the study breaks!). 
  • Praise your child if he’s doing well – re-frame failures as mistakes that can be learned from. Keep your doubts to yourself! 
  • Beware of setting unreasonable expectations which place extra stress on your child. 
  • Engage in thought-provoking discussions and show interest in their subjects. Teaching someone else is often an effective way for your child to learn a topic. 
  • Provide good, balanced meals, and maintain a routine dinner time each night to assist your child’s study schedule.
  • Remember that even 18 year olds need hugs and ‘I love yous’ sometimes! Make sure you balance the hard work with sports or hobbies and plan something they can look forward to when they’ve finished!

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