The Placemat Reward Chart

Supernanny’s methods are a combination of practical experience and expert advice, giving you the support and confidence to be at your best when your kids need you most. As used on the show, the Placemat Reward Chart is used to help deal with fussy eaters…

Engaging fussy eaters

This technique could help engage fussy eaters, or older children who need some encouragement, to try something new. It also teaches basic nutritional requirements for the body and works on the same principle as other Reward Charts.

How it works: the Placemat Reward Chart

  • Cut out a circle of cardboard large enough that there will be an edge around the child’s plate. Colour four sections which represent the basic food groups of protein, carbohydrate, fruit and vegetables. Laminate or cover in sticky-back plastic. Buy packs of little round stickers in each of these four colours. 
  • Agree on a list of privileges (a big cuddle from mum, a healthy snack, a favourite TV show) which your child is working towards if they eat one whole portion, two whole portions, and so on. Write the list up and stick it on the fridge door.
  • Every time your child takes a bite of something from her plate, she can take a sticker of the corresponding colour to stick around the outer edge of the mat.
  • Praise her every step of the way and think ahead to ways of praising a whole portion, then a whole plateful!

Use the Placemat Reward Chart with the Involvement Technique to encourage bonding and promote a responsible eating attitude in your child and, if this works, why not download our FREE Supernanny Reward Charts to encourage more general good behaviour?  

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