The sweet hearts technique

With more than one child it's tricky to find time to tell all your family how much you care for them. The sweet hearts technique is a quick, fun way to give all your kids that bit of special attention

If you have a large family you may find it difficult to give each of your children the one-to-one attention they need. This was certaily the case for Supernanny mum Kadi Prescott and her brood of seven! Supernanny came up with this great technique that reassures your child she’s always in your heart, even when she isn’t the focus of your attention.

Step 1: Sweet hearts!

Cut large paper hearts out of coloured card.

Step 2: Loving words

Now write a loving message specific to each of your children on each heart. Mum Kadi Prescott focused on the great things her kids had done throughout the day for her messages, and it helped show that she appreciated their good behaviour even when they thought she’d been too busy to notice.

If you work outside of the home or your child is in school, the message doesn’t have to be specific – you could write abut the fun you had at the weekend or mention something that happened in your day that made you think of your child.

Step 3: Sharing the caring

Hand out the hearts when you’re all together – for example, at dinner time – so your kids can all share with each other the special messages you wrote. Alternatively, you can hide the heart under your child’s pillow so she can drift off to sleep with your words of love helping her to settle.

Supernanny hot tip

If you laminate your child’s favourite hearts, they make great coasters, or give over one wall in your child's bedroom and stick all her hearts up there.

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