Spring Into Action With Your Kids

Spring is here! Dr Greenfingers has simple and fun ideas for exploring the great outdoors with your kids.

Spring into action with your kids 

As a mum of two lively boys, I try and get them out in the fresh air as much as possible. It not only prevents them going stir crazy in the house, but the exercise and fresh air actually helps build up their immune system and help ward off potential sniffles. To make it more fun and adventurous, here are some activities you can do when you’re out and about.

Gather flowers to press

Pick some of nature’s prettiest blooms in a local park – daffodils, crocuses, snowdrops are appearing now – and bring them home. To press flowers, simply place tissue paper either side of the flower and flatten them in a big book. When the flowers have dried out, you can spend an afternoon sticking them to the front of folded cards and voila – instant cards!

Play spot the lambs

It’s lambing season, so put that 4x4 to good use and head for the hills. Find a field with newborn lambs and see how many you can count. See if you can stay or visit a farm where your little ones can help hand-feed any orphan lambs.

Splash in muddy puddles

Little ones just love this game. Dress them for a good mud-puddle play in Wellington boots, rain-proof trousers and a long coat and see who can make their Wellingtons disappear in the mud. Lovely!

Find a bluebell woods

In just a few weeks, the bluebells should be coming out. There’s nothing quite as magical as seeing a purple carpet of bluebells in the woods. Since bluebells are now an endangered species, get your kids to draw the flowers rather than pick them.

Branch out

Go into your garden or park and collect broken branches with little tiny buds on them and put them in a vase of water. They’ll slowly open and bring blossom into your home.

Don’t forget…

While you’re out in nature, make sure you have a little First Aid Kit handy for those potential mishaps. Dr Greenfingers’ Mini first-aid kit fits neatly into any handbag, is 100% natural and is perfect for any knocks, scrapes, cuts or bruises – plus it comes with Bravery Award stickers too.

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