Christmas Crafts - toilet roll snowmen

Get crafty with the little ones at home this holiday season transforming toliet rolls into these gorgeous snowmen!

Who could resist one of these lovely little snowmen? They's look perfect with a little string on tied to the tree or perfectly at home above the fireplace. 

What you will need:

Toilet Rolls

White Paint

A bit of tinsel or a pipe cleaner


Black pen/orange pen

Googly eyes

How to make the snowmen:

1. Take 1 toilet roll and paint it white.

2. Either stick on your goggly eyes with your glue, or if you don't have those draw on the eyes with a black pen at the top of the toliet roll.

3. Draw on a carrot shaped nose just under the eyes with your orange pen. 

4. With your black pen draw on a big smiling mouth, you can either make it using dots or just a straigt line. 

5. Then wrap your little bit of tinsel or your pipe cleaner around the toliet roll so it looks like a scarf.

6. Draw on three black cicrles for buttons down the front of the toilet roll.

We would love to see your snowmen, so please post any you make on our Facebook Page

Happy crafting!


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