Create the perfect nursery

Creating the perfect space to welcome your new baby is definitely one of the most exciting bits of the nine-month journey. Here are our practical tips

Designing your baby's nursery gives parents-to-be the opportunity to get really creative and have fun. We’ve put together some practical tips on how to get started, plus some of our favourite nurseries on Pinterest.

1. Sketch out your ideas and create a mood board Always make sure you measure out your space, sketch out your ideas and create a mood board. Putting together a Pinterest board with everything you love can be really helpful.

2. Make sure you create a space for everything Ideally you want your baby’s room to be as calm as possible, so creating dedicated storage space for your baby’s things means you’re less likely have clutter.

3. Choose warm muted tones These are both calm and soothing for a nursery - ideal for babies and tired parents alike. Think soft greys, blue greys, white greys. If you are planning to paint your baby’s room, make sure that you have finished the painting four weeks before your baby is due so that there is enough time for all the fumes to disperse.

4. Think outside the box Just because a piece of furniture or an accessory is not nursery-specific doesn’t mean you can’t use it in your baby’s room. Choose items because you love them, including wallpaper, wall stickers, and other accessories.

5. Use Soft Furnishings Soft rugs and blankets add texture to your baby’s room, and make your time spent in there more comfortable too.

6. Have Fun Create a space that you love spending time in, and one that gives you the opportunity to change as your baby grows.

Check out all our favourite nurseries on Pinterest

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