It’s Positive by Claire

[advert:mpu]Funny things tho’, feelings and emotions. Although I had been trying for a year, the early miscarriage I’d had last autumn kinda put the damper on things. Supposing I have another miscarriage? Or worse, supposing I go full term and there is something wrong with the baby, because of my age? (I’ll be 43 next birthday).

Well, a week has gone passed since I did the test and still no sign of a period! So, I’m back on the folic acid, avoiding heavy lifting, and taking it a day at a time.

I haven’t told anyone yet, except my partner and my best friend – oh, and you lot of course! I haven’t even gone to the nurse at the GP surgery in case somehow that spooks things but I know I will need to go in a week or two.

Deep down? I’m delighted! And excited! And regardless of how things turn out, I’ll take it in my stride, a day at a time. I’ve always wanted a big family and if all goes well, I will consider my little brood complete after this. Oh, yes! We’ll be stopping at 4! It would be nice of course if it was a girl, but another boy would be fine too! Listen to me rambling on! I’ve got to get through the next nine months first! I’ll keep you posted guys!

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