Location Location Location by Claire

[advert:mpu] Well in 2008, I want to do something a bit different, a bit daring, a bit out of the ordinary, something exciting. Not just a hot European beach or a theme park (not even if Mickey Mouse does talk French). Something that will raise the WOW factor in them. Remember two of mine are Autistic so getting a wow factor is pretty challenging.

I’ve been drawn by a couple of these new family adventure agents. It seems that there are agents who are now taking the exotic adventure holiday idea and tailor-making it to fit the needs of families with young children. The other attractive thing is that these holidays are more affordable than they used to be and although still expensive compared to ordinary package holidays, they are not as expensive as one might think.

I’m drawn by two in particular, an African Safari and a Pyramid trip to Eygpt. Of course there are always risks involved in taking young children to third world countries for a holiday. My sister-in-law tried to warn me off Eygpt as an insanitary death trip for children; her warning rings in my ears still “ Eat or drink NOTHING unless it comes in a sealed container”. And of course an African holiday would mean malaria jabs and all that malarkey.

Even so, I’m considering it as a real option….just got to pay off those Christmas credit debts first!

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