Parents Beware - Christmas is coming by Claire

[advert:mpu] Now it’s all very well for you lot wot have been Chrimbo shopping since the January sales but I ain’t that organised…And I swear that no matter how organised I am, I ain’t EVER going to get on top of all the stuff that’s gotta be done. And the EXPENSE? Well! Never mind the cost of presents! It seems that every charity going is doing a raffle or sponsored something or other. And how can you choose between all those well- deserving charities that are desperate for you to buy their fund-raising Christmas cards…?

Well, we all know that Christmas is about kids. After the whole festivity is named after the most famous baby of them all! But what an effort it all is! Take Christmas cards for example. Both my eldest kids need 30 each for all their classmates and the teacher and it takes my Aspie eldest nearly two weeks to write all his out because of his painfully slow handwriting skills!

And what to buy for presents? I mean what can you get for the autistic child with a Thomas the Tank obsession when you already have all the Thomas merchandise that’s going? I suppose I could start replacing the most favourite used and worn out items…Then again he’d probably have a tantrum and throw them at me!

And of course it’s every ‘good’ mother’s nightmare! The sugar rush! Christmas closely tops its sickly sweet rival Easter for tooth cavity-inducing and hyperactive making children. Those nativity calendars for a start! Every day in December my kids wake up and dash downstairs to see what confectionary delight is hidden behind the numbered door for the day! And the toys and games TV adverts, marketed expertly by being neatly placed in-between my children’s favourite TV programmes which leave my brood with tongues hanging out and cries of ‘I wish I could have THAT!’

And as for the Christmas day mess! Bags of wrapping paper, ribbon, bows and discarded boxes overflowing out of my recycling bin! Well, at least that problem is solved for me this year….I’m sending my kids down the road to their Dad’s for Christmas! At least I’ll get a lie-in!

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