Peace at Last by Claire

[advert:mpu]That’s right! I packed the last of the youngest of the riotous assembly off to school last week, weeping and wailing and snivelling into a hankie (and that was just me) but by 9.15am I felt my sanity returning.

And here I am, a week later and already bored by the variety of swap shop, boot sale and how to do up your house on a shoe string TV programmes and wondering what future lies ahead of me……….After nine years of wiping bums, dirty noses, accompanying toddlers to NCT coffee mornings and jumble sales am I fit for anything else?

Seriously, the novelty has worn off now, I tried the lying down by 10 o’clock in the morning thing – it just had to be done. I’ve done the chores, stocked the cupboards and finished the huge pile of ironing. I even managed to get into the loft to put the Christmas tree away instead of leaving it at the bottom of the loft ladder until it needs to be put up again.

As I contemplate my daytime future, I start to become a little bit excited. My god! I can do ANYTHING I WANT!!!!! I’m tied only to fitting it in between 9.30am and 3 in the afternoon but otherwise, the world is my oyster. Maybe I can have a go at that career change that I have been considering and rejecting over and over. Learn a musical instrument maybe, now I’ve got the time to practice. Start a course, or a business, walking dogs or looking after other people's children as I’m such an expert now after having successfully got three to school age without killing one of them, accidentally or otherwise! In fact, the choice is so varied, I think I’ll have to make a list……

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