All together this Christmas by Dawn

Christmas Holidays

Christmas went by in a flash as usual and we’re into the New Year. We had a lovely Christmas - more family-orientated than usual which was nice. My eldest son Jae wanted to stay Christmas Eve which is something he has not done for a few years. He made cookies with Kymberley and got quite merry, but I'm sure he had a good time and it was lovely for us all to be together. I actually awoke on Christmas Day not feeling very well, but fortunately Jae, Nick and the girls took over, cooked all the food and clean up after, so I got to rest which never usually happens on Christmas Day. By Boxing Day I was feeling 75% better, thank goodness.

The boys had a super time and I think(!) got the presents they wanted, although Raenie later said everything was rubbish, even his new DS-light Gameboy, but that is Aspergers for you. You learn not to take it literally, or indeed, personally. I am kind of looking forward to taking all the decorations down now its all over and I'm looking forward to Spring time.

I have lots of decorating still to do here - even though we have been here 4 years. The hallway and kitchen need to be updated urgently. We did start before Christmas but soon became overwhelmed by the decorations and tree, so I'm eager to get started again.

The boys will be back to school soon and I must help Raenie with his times tables. He is stuck on 7’s and 8’s. Is there anyone out there who can help me teach an Aspergers an easy way to do this, as they must always be a right way for the child? This makes teaching AS children quite hard as I'm sure you'll understand.

Happy New Year to you all!

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