Christmas chaos isn't for everyone by Dawn

I can't believe the year has gone so quickly - where did summer go? It turned cold overnight and just feels so wintry. I have just about done my shopping, but I'm not in the Christmas mood so I can't really get into it properly. Also, I have had birthday's to contend with and still have one more before Christmas which sidetracks me a little.

I do have some amazing decorations though, which I can't wait to put up. I don't like to put them up too soon because I get tired of them by Christmas day. I have already made my Christmas puddings and cake though. Elle and I make cakes and things for the Christmas fairs at the boys school and other local schools. I look forward to these as we make Christmas decorations and cakes to sell which is good fun and has the added bonus of bringing in some extra cash for Christmas if the event is successful.

We have been to fairs in the past that have been poorly advertised and everyone sat in virtual silence looking at everyone else. Fortunately, everyone ended up buying from each other which, while not particularly profitable, was fun just the same!

The boys are excited about Christmas, but Raenie has a difficult time at school this time of year as there is no structure to the timetable - things are a bit chaotic and certain things have to be changed at short notice, he doesn't like the lack of order.

Last year he was particularly agitated and had a few 'meltdowns'. His teacher got very upset because he tried to help Raenie understand the chaos. Of course, Raenie couldn't and as a result I had to keep him at home for a couple of days (Raenie, not the teacher!). His current teacher, Mr Edmonds, also likes to keep to his timetable so he knows how Raenie feels and gets quite upset himself - bless him.

I will try to help Raenie more this year by going to see his teacher and dicussing what is happening each week, so that I can prepare Raenie as best I can. I know they perform a Christmas play and carols at the local church each year, so if I can find out the times and days for this his teacher can give him a revised timetable which should hopefully help Raenie deal with it better this year.

Children with Aspergers have a hard time at school, unfortunately. I read a slogan recently aimed at the parents of children who suffer from Aspergers. It read 'Make School Make Sense', which says it all really.

Raenie is lucky though in that he does have help on hand with his teachers. I'm not sure they fully understand him but, to be honest, sometimes I don't either (though I am learning to).

I'll let you know how we get along with Christmas!
Speak soon!

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