Elastic Trousers and Another Diet by Dawn

I am dieting again. This time I'm giving the G.I. diet a go. I've been going at it hammer and tongs since January and lost 2 Stone which I'm very pleased about. I’ve tried most diets at some point, but the G.I diet actually seems to be doing it for me.

With the other diets, I seemed to lose a little and then level off - so infuriating, especially when I go for a weigh-in. "Well, Dawn, you've maintained your weight. At least you haven’t put any on."

That sentence makes me want to tear my hair out! Do they not realise the hell we dieters go through?! If I even look at a bar of chocolate or cream cake my hips and tummy gain 5 pounds. I follow the rules - I drink water and eat fruit, but then I get constipated, gain water and thus, gain weight.

However, I have given the G.I diet a good crack and so far so good. I lost two pounds the first week 2.5 pounds the second week I never saw the kind of results with other diets that I tried. I don’t like to eat the wrong foods but my weight seemed to go up anyway!

Sadly, with much of my time taken up with housework, cooking, looking after the children etc, I do not get much time for proper exercise. I know at some time I will have to try and fit it in, because as I don’t want to struggle in later life with brittle bones or a similar ailment. Although if a windfall came my way I wouldn't mind a little nip and tuck! I've noticed lately that my neck is getting a little turkey-like and my tummy could certainly do with a tighten up…

But on the plus side, I've given birth to 8 children and I am very proud to say that I have no stretch marks. Still, it would be nice to wear a swimsuit again and feel attractive instead of feeling very Mumsy! I like to wear quite modern clothes, but last year I noticed with horror that I'd begun to wear long T-shirts and elasticated trousers!

I don’t think that just because you are older and have children, you shouldn't wear fashionable clothes (even if they are aimed at a slightly younger demographic). Bring on the New Year sales I say… provided I can steer clear of the Christmas binges!

I will let you know how my diet progresses. I certainly feel more energetic now, so, as a dieter who has tried various methods, this one definitely helps in shifting that extra blubber.

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