What a morning by Dawn

[advert:mpu] Raenie appeared to wake up quite happy. He had breakfast without incident then, inexplicably, it all seemed to change.

He simply would not get into the bath. I had to take his hand and try and lead him there, but he was in a fighting mood so he didn't go readily. I managed to get him as far as the bathroom, but still he was having none of it. He would not undress, so I took off his pyjamas. He stould there for a few minutes resolutely refusing to get in the bath. Then, after a bit of a standoff, he got in without further incident.

I gave him a good clean and washed his hair. He didn't complain at all. Then it was time to get out. Usually he can have a bit of a soak, but since I'd had to spend time trying to coerce him in we were now running late.

Of course, he would not get out. He began screaming at the top of his lungs, "I am not getting out!" This went on for around five minutes. Usually, I let him calm down on his own, but Josh (his elder brother) was not amused. He lifted him out of the bath - something I cannot do as he is to heavy, but Josh is 6'1' and very strong.

Now Raenie would not let me dry him, so I had to roughly dry him the best I could. I was getting a little cross by this time. I try not to, but when you are running late it can be hard to stay calm. I managed to get him dressed, but he does this thing with his jumpers where he twists his cuff around making them twice as wide as normal and this, naturally, is what he did.

As a result, his clean school sweatshirt looked quite 'wonderful' to start school with (he has also pulled the cuff of a lovely Spongebob long sleeved tee-shirt where he had twisted it so much). He then went upstairs and lay on the floor outside my bedroom all dressed in clean school uniform. When I managed to get him up he looked a bit crumpled, but passable for school thank goodness.

Then he really started acting up: I put his shoes on he kicked them off. I put his coat on for him and he thanked me by taking my car keys, getting in and locking all the doors. Elle, Kym and I were standing outside pleading with him to open the doors. He simply lay down as if he were asleep. Outside in the cold, we were knocking on the windows and pulling at the door handles in vain, trying to get in. By this time it was 8.45am and there were only 10mins to the school bell. Typically, we are at least 10-15 minutes away on a bad traffic day and because it was raining there was more traffic than usual. By now I was starting to panic a bit, because Raenie can literally switch off from everything around him.

Luckily, within minutes he opened the door. We quickly got in I got him to school just in time after a very quiet drive. It is best not to talk to him when he is in an emotional state.

When we arrived he said goodbye and got out of the car like nothing had happened. Elle took him in with no repercussions.

Personally, I felt worn out - just like every morning really!

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