I want my Mummy by Ian Waite

[advert:mpu]My youngest seems to redefine the definition of fearless. During a family friend's fireworks party he laughed and giggled at the ‘air bomb repeaters’ and ‘mega rockets’, but started crying when there was a lull in proceedings. All the while my elder (3 ½ years older than his brother) was cowering inside after being terrified by an apparently horrifying ‘silver fountain’

Apart from loud bangs, up until now my eldest had seemed fairly fearless too. He always went to bed without fuss and never woke up after a nightmare. However due to our house being recently annexed to Poland (building renovations) we have been staying at a friend's empty house near by. Although Victorian in origin, the house is not exactly eerie. However as far as my son is concerned we have virtually moved to an abandoned Transylvanian castle in the midst of a full moon while there is a power cut.

He cries constantly whenever we put him to bed and keeps saying the room gives him "nightmares". I spiel out the usual crap that I remember my parents telling me.. "Ghosts and monsters aren’t real, Mummy and daddy are just down stairs".. blah blah. He turns to me after my not so comforting monologue, looks me in the eye and says…’but they are real’. I said "What are?"… back came the reply "Mummies"!!!

There was a crack of thunder just as he mentioned the word and somewhere a cat screamed. Oh, ok I made the last bit up but it was starting to freak me out a bit. I then had to explain that although technically "mummies" did exist, that they were just corpses that were wrapped up in bandages thousands of years ago. "Why did they wrap up the bodies, Daddy?"….. ‘Err because their friends and families thought that they would live on after death’ I reply in a not so comforting way. I realise logic and reasoning are not going to help in this instance. "Well anyway there are over in Egypt so they definitely can’t get you over here so there is nothing to worry about," I reply in an attempt to cut it short before he finds out about the "curse"!!

I quickly leave the room with the excuse of needing the toilet. I of course check behind the bathroom door for skeletons and take comfort in the fact that I ate garlic for dinner.

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