Ian has a tendency to let his focus drift by Ian Waite

[advert:mpu]If you are a parent (and if you're not, why are you on this website? What did you do? Google "strict+woman+discipline?" ) you won’t need me to drone on about exactly what you are experiencing yourself. At least there is the start of exciting things ahead with spring not too far away and even Valentines later this week

I was really worried that I didn’t have any plans for Feb the 14th until I received quite a startling offer. I will be spending the evening with two young women both dressed as school teachers!! How many people can say that ,eh? Actually, at least 500 people in south London can, as my eldest son's school has decided to hold its parents evening on Valentines day.

Although I admit it can be hard to find time to spend with your partner when you are a parent, I really think it is a bit presumptive to insinuate you won’t have plans on Valentines Day. After all some of the parents at the school even have long term partners! But what can you do? I have had to cancel those flights to Venice but it's ok as I pass by a Londis on the way to the school and I can pick up a box of Terry’s All Gold for my better half. After all the children’s education comes first…and I'm skint.

Because I was naughty and handed my homework in late, Supernanny has told me to write about an additional subject as penance. Apparently they have found proof that having a baby affects your memory. I thought this explained why I once left my six-month-old son next to the potatoes in Waitrose but apparently it only applies to women. I could have sworn there was something else I keep forgetting to do !....oh yeah my blog….

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