Kryptonite by Ian Waite

[advert:mpu]So what happens when your bag of rocks disappears for two weeks and you are left with only yourself to look after? After five  years of ‘Altitude Training’ I now have a fortnight without my family to try out my super-human powers.

Unfortunately I seem to have been ‘training’ so hard for so long that I seem to have forgotten just what it is that you do when not being a Dad.

It seems that being a Father isn’t just a huge part of my identity but pretty much all of my identity. I’m not actually sure I really exist when my children are away.

In fact I fell over in my house the other day and as there was no one around, I forgot to make a sound. I was expecting to be full of energy, leaping from work meeting to party in a single bound. Laughing in the face of hangover’s and early morning appointments. After all, if I could manage the basics of an adult existence when my family are here, it should be a doddle to live an exciting bachelor life while they are away.

However, I think that the big problem is that after a few years of thinking of the needs of others before yours you slowly begin to forget what it is that you enjoy doing. You get so used to settling for such a basic life for yourself that you find you don’t really miss the fancy stuff anyway. It will probably dawn on me the day before they all come back exactly what it is that I should be doing while I have fewer responsibilities. Perhaps it is just too easy without kids? Life does seem very quiet, very dull and slightly unchallenging without them. To return to the altitude analogy, a stroll around the park may be easy after hiking in the Andes, but it ‘aint half boring. Anyway I really miss the mountain air….. its just a shame it has to return along with the sound of ‘Pan Pipes’.

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