Some Mothers do ave em by Ian Waite

[advert:mpu] But it's been at least five years since I have got away with that! Now I have many ‘mums’ to deal with and try and keep happy. I got a text from my mum this week asking ‘do you have plans for mothers day?’ . Apart from the aforementioned daffodil card I (not being a mum) of course had no plans.

It is a bit of a loaded question, you can’t really tell your own mum you are too busy to see her. The reason she was asking is because she wanted to make plans with her mum. I of course couldn’t say for sure I was free as I had to take into account the desires of the mother of my children (At least my eldest is now old enough to make his own germ covered toast for her).

Confused ? I am but there is only one logical solution. Everyone has to meet up together on Sunday whether they want to or not. This way it is all even and every Mother gets to spend Mother's day with their children. If they wanted a lie in or a spa pamper day or whatever is expected nowadays,  then tough! Its all going round to my mum's, daffodil each and burnt bacteria on toast all round. If they're not happy with that, then I hope they don’t blame it on their children. It's not our fault, you have to blame our upbringing, so they only have themselves to blame. Or their husbands. One of which is me….. my brain hurts……….I want my mum.

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