Boys everywhere - and it's my own fault by Jo

[advert:mpu] This particular family, (who shall remain nameless) that I was thinking of at the time, was a nightmare. They had three boys aged 12, 8, and 5, their house was always a disaster zone, the youngest son was wild as a coyote , they only had footballs in the house, there was always a smashed window (“swear it wasn’t me” reverberated around their house constantly) and the mum always looked knackered.

No, I decided, it was much better to have one boy and one girl. The boy should be first – so that the girl who would follow could gaze at his friends, and of course with the girl coming next, her friends would be available for gazing on too.  

I knew, of course at that time, having made a deal with myself and anyone else who could be bothered to listen, that I of course would get what I wanted.

Huh – well, that was my first confirmation of the ‘motorway conversation.’ You know what I mean… you’re on your way to Manchester from London, you’ve been driving for two hours, made it on to the M6, things are going turn to your partner and say” wow isn’t this journey going well?”…BIG MISTAKE. Of course as you go over the brow of the next hill, a massive traffic jam appears and it’s not for another six hours that you finally you arrive In Manchester. “That’s it” screams your partner , “IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT. Everybody knows you just don’t talk about it!!!"
Well that’s what I think has made me a mother of three boys and 0 girls.

Pah to all those books about the diets you need to go on, positions you need to get into, things going in places you just don’t want to know, in order to get a girl… no, the real reason I have not produced girls is because of that conversation I had with myself when I was ten.

As you can imagine I now try and keep conversations with myself to a bare minimum.

Saying all that I really do adore my boys. Introducing:

Barney aged five and a half, – handsome, lovely, enthusiastic and very very loud.

Dan aged four – beautiful, soft, graceful and trying to emerge from being middle child.

Gabriel aged one and a half  – crazy, smiley, loving and hilarious.

Husband – great, hands-on Dad, one of three boys (perhaps a more accurate indication of the boy onslaught in our family).

And just to finish off. I would just like to have my final riposte to almost everyone who, after finding out that I have three boys asks the eternal question…Are you going for another one to get a girl!! NO. Three wonderful boys is quite enough, thank you.

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