Flights of fancy by Jo

[advert:mpu]Finally bored with the little pink buggy that Gabriel likes to push everywhere (or perhaps realising that he needs to be slightly more out-there with his accessorising), Gabriel, aged two, has taken to dragging around his brother’s toy wheely suitcase. He won’t be seen anywhere without it.

Imagine the scene. It's 8.30 am. Our family plus neighbour's family congregate outside our house, ready for the walk to school. School bags – check, lunch bags – check, random items needed for classroom – check, five children – check, small smart suitcase on wheels dragged by crazy two-year-old - check. The walk ensues. Barney and Dan and our neighbour's children (Jamie and Emma) run on ahead playing their usual array of bizarre and wonderful games. This often includes lying down on the pavement and pretending to be a carrot, or wiggling their bottom whilst pretending to be a piece of wobbly spaghetti – who says the age of imaginative play is dead?! I push the buggy (devoid of infant) with hundreds of bags hanging off the handles and chat to my neighbour Harriet, whist trying to spot areas of dog poo on the ground (even Gabriel has mastered the phrase ‘poo-alert’).Gabriel walks behind with a look of determined concentration on his face, pulling that suitcase behind him with all the power he can muster. I can only imagine what is going on in that little head of his:

Gabriel [thinking]: “I will not be late for my flight, I will not be late for my flight. I know the traffic can be bad on the way to the airport, and I’m worried that with all the important meetings and drop-offs that we have to make, I could be late. What if I bump in to my colleague Peter? Will Peter keep droning on about that project they did together last year. I know Peter has never got over that powerpoint presentation we did last year on the life and times of the Wiggles. If I get caught in a conversation with him, I’ll never get free. Then there is the problem of Dan and Barney. How to deliver them to the playground on time? They are always wandering off, climbing walls, running into driveways and jumping out and shouting 'boo'. These shenaningans will have to stop. There is simply no time.

We finally arrive at my big brothers’ school. Thankfully no Peter this morning. People keep looking at me. I know they think I look cool. I think they are wondering where I am going? They keeping asking mummy what I’ve got in my suitcase. She replies ‘Lego’.

Hah, she has no idea that this morning, whilst she was busy making my big brothers’ packed lunches, I secretly slipped in my passport, favourite teddy, and a week's supply of rice cakes.

Oh, the life of an international jet setting traveller. I do hope I make it to the airport on time. My flight goes in half-an-hour. I think the swings are prepared. I prefer the left swing - the take off is far more smooth. I hope mummy pushes me high enough into the sky. Still I haven’t quite worked out where my suitcase goes???"

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