6 things I like about being a mum by Rhianon

6 things I like about being a mum 

  1. Unconditional love. Most of the time ;) 
  2. Laughing at things: things that look too short, too juicy, too fat, too wet, too fluffy, things that smell weird or won’t work, things which have gone on upside down or the wrong way round or are totally out of context.
  3. [advert:mpu]It’s sew time! Now at last I have an excuse to experiment with black lycra on the sewing machine (bat man outfits, you naughty people). Just not the time...
  4. Bedtime books: Always one of the cosiest, calmest and most jolly times of the day, no question.
  5. Look, no rats! And no rat race: no time spent commuting, working on things I don’t care about, sucking up to people in the office because boy oh boy, have I got different bosses now. 
  6.  Excuse for disorder: I never liked it, and I was never any good at it and how we have 2 boys I’ll never ever have to have an organised home ever. The relief is enormous.

6 things which are not so great

  1. Who is she? Why would anyone see you as anything but Another Mum? 
  2. Who am I? Eventually it rubs off and some days you ask yourself what the hell you did/ liked/ thought about in the days before nappies, boundaries and lunchboxes.
  3. No really, who am I? I used to have a pretty good memory before motherhood. But that could equally be the vast quantities of red wine I’ve consumed.
  4. Changing the sheets on bunk beds: top of my 10 all-time dangerous activities and the way in which I’m sure I’ll ingloriously expire. I have panic attacks and leave it for months without doing up there. 
  5.  Repetition. I tell him to do it. He doesn’t. I tell him again. He doesn’t. I tell him again. He acts like I’ve never asked and gets pissed off with me. He doesn’t do it. I do it, just to get it done. He gets pissed off as he doesn’t get a chore token because I’ve done it.
  6. Repetition. Alarm. Up. Dressed. Stress. School run. Nursery run. Work. Work. Work. Pick ups. Homework. Stress. Feeding time. Activities. Stress. Baths. Chores. Bedtime. Sleep..... now AGAIN, but like you mean it this time! Alarm....


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