Am I too late by Rhianon

[advert:mpu]I genuinely can’t believe it’s been a month since my last post. Feels like longer. Christmas sent me into freefall – presents, wrapping, and the endless visits I'd promised to make but couldn't possibly fit in. Perhaps all of you who go back to your hometown for holidays have already learnt not to promise to visit every single one of your and your children’s friends? Rooky error. And who could’ve predicted the added, pressing issues of a family birth, a hospitalisation and two emergency trips to the dentist within the space of 14 days? I could hardly remember the names of my kids at all by the end of it, and no amount of cover-up could disguise the nasty dark pits which had become my eyes. We’ve been back a week and I’ve had all manner of unlabelled fevers/ cold symptoms/ tummy aches which I’m sure are just manifestations of exhaustion. Whinge whinge, eh? For now I think I deserve it. This post is brief, just to let all those who give a damn know I survived. I raise a glass to all those who visited families this holiday and have survived with marriages intact and children who will still speak to them and I say ‘Cheers! To the middle of January! 350 days left to go!’

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