Amazon trebled profits in June by Rhianon

Just heard on the radio that Amazon had a terrific month, partly because of the 400,000 Harry Potter's it sent out, but partly as I suspected, because of the wet weather! So did anyone else invest in all 100 episodes of Batfink? Or indulge in a little Ivor the Engine? I did buy The Faraway Tree as well, but no success there, I'm afraid!

Off to Germany today and I'm even getting jealous of those portable DVD players... imagine... last time three sets of people on the seats around us moved away from us. Poor old baby cried so much he was sick about five times and ds1 was screached with delight each time he did. So much for getting a night flight so they'd sleep. Yes, I think a few episodes of the Numberjacks would go down very nicely, and I've already pre-bought the child-soma that is The Night Garden...

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