Another rainy day by Rhianon

We sneakily took ds out of school for two weeks before the end of term to hang out in Wales... who wouldn't believe in karma after that holiday, though, as it was two of the wettest weeks ever in Wales (you know the kind, gales howling and rain lashing so hard you can only just open the door...) and that's saying something, right?

Stiff upper lip and all that, we visited all the local indoor Fun Things To Do - the chocolate factory, the waterfront museum - but it was pretty disasterous, and not at all relaxing for us oldies (even my mum, the most positive person on the planet, said it was an endurance test). So I was actually looking forward to ds finishing school so we could have some fun just hanging around home & in the park. But it looks like it isn't to be. Poor old kids, I saw loads of them running out of school on their last day under umbrellas, dashing into cars, all set for 6 weeks in front of the telly. Bet Amazon's doing well on the kids DVD front, eh?

I know, I know, we're not the worst off. People have lost their homes and their livelihoods in these recent floods, and I'm grateful that's not us. But I've got an idea that I think might just catch on this summer:  Catchy, eh? Pop your activity on and get other parents to rate it. Don't bother, I'm off to register it now...

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