Bye bye, fat lass! by Rhianon

[advert:mpu] Hey, guess what? Got my first seat on the Tube on Wednesday – 6 weeks to go and I officially look pregnant, not just a bit post-Christmas chubby!

Wait, before you start, I’m on your side – I’m no good at the ‘is there a bun or not?’ game, and would much rather keep my head in The Metro than risk insulting a lovely, large lady. But, if you’re taking it seriously, I think a little tip is to take a large bust as the tipping point in favour… who’s really going to say no, anyway? Didn’t get one the next day though…

Well, I guess we’ve just about recovered from the holidays. It was great, and I maintain that if a four year old can’t drag you kicking and screaming into the spirit of Christmas, you have serious fun issues. Still, it kinda drags on, doesn’t it? So many presents to find homes for, three or four broken/duplicate items to return (read: rewrap), then there’s the January sales presents for the people you didn’t get to see before the 25th (I don’t believe you if you say you didn’t)…

His favourite toy is still the bike, though, and we’ve had to get a wee light so we can take it around the streets after he comes home from our childminder. Listen carefully as you jog behind him and he’s pretty much constantly humming his number one fave tune: What’s new, Scooby Doo? I think the DVD came free on some cereal packet last year, and ‘addiction’ doesn’t quite cover the intensity of ds’* relationship with it. He’s even started to pick up Shaggy-speak (“Zikes, momma, like, let’s get outta here!”), and thought it the ultimate compliment to call me Velma when I left for work in an orange polo neck jumper. Yes, yes, she’s the dorky one.

Dp* was home from Germany for two weeks, weighed down with gingerbread houses and mulled wine and wonderful chocolate bars called ‘Plop!’ He was freelancing, but in between workdays, we managed not to be the usual, mutually exclusive parents to ds for a good three consecutive days.

We even managed to get to a hospital visit together, meeting with the consultant about VBAC (vaginal birth after Caesarean). Not at as physical I’d expected, she just discussed the options with us and said, since the issue was foetal distress and not me, that there is a 65% - 80% chance of my not needing a Caesarean this time round. I know these studies are hard to implement and interpret and anyway, stats can tell you practically anything you want to know (check out the last comment on this blog from a med student). But come on though, you can’t tell me if men had babies this kind of research wouldn’t be top of the bill?!

Anyway, the one thing I must do to avoid a C-section is go into labour naturally. I have a number for a guy who does acupuncture sessions for this – anyone tried it? Found this article on natural induction in The Life of Matthew – thanks, babe!

*Ds refers to 'Dear son' and 'Dp' is 'Dear partner' 

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